Monday, July 12, 2010

Salt-1, Me-0

Ever have one of those days when you wake up feeling so bloated that your eyelids don't really open all the way? You know, you can't really twist your rings on or off your fingers and your pants which fit just fine yesterday are suddenly about a size too small.
What the hell, you think. This can't be. It's not like I ate the whole Christmas ham all by myself yesterday. And it can't have been dehydration. I spent all day at the pool yesterday and consumed truly astonishing amounts of water. Trust me, I was up all night paying the price.
I did break down and have one piece of pizza, with pepperoni and everything. But I swear it was only one piece and I made allowances in my eating for the rest of the day. How much sodium can three or four pieces of pepperoni contain?
OK, OK, lesson learned. No more pizza by the pool or other such frivolities for me. It is totally not worth it and for the second day in a row I have drank water until my eyeballs are practically floating. Guess that salt lick is out of the question. Damn!

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