Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just Another Day in the Life

My blogger dashboard was in a full on hissy fit yesterday such that I could not spread my usual sunshine so today you get the double dose. I haven't been in the best mood as of late and I'm not exactly sure of the reason. Perhaps it is the oppressive heat that is sweeping the country (104 degrees day before yesterday) or it could be that the scale hasn't been as cooperative as I think that it should be, but then again what else is new?.  And now, just to see if I can bring the rest of you down, a few hard truths for your day.
Just because your muscles are sore from a workout does not mean that you should take the day off from exercise, according to this month's issue of Women's Health magazine. We build muscle by creating tiny little tears in our muscle fibers and when they repair themselves more muscle tissue is built - more or less. So as long as you are eating adequate amounts of protein to facilitate muscle production you should have no problem with back to back workouts. The only catch is that sore and over worked muscles are more prone to injury. So if your legs are screaming from yesterday's squats focus today on upper body and vice versa. The only exception is your abdominal muscles which require very little if any recovery time seeing as how they are designed to move and flex with practically every movement of our bodies.
Also I have found a new motivator to amp up my diet and exercise routine. It goes like this - Losing weight and fitting into smaller size clothing = very good! having said clothing be tight and not hang off your body like the larger size = not so good. Nothing like a new sausage casing pair of workout pants to make a girl see the trouble areas. As is I were unaware.
And lastly, this. Calories that you eat on vacation are just as real as calories that you consume at home. I know, right? I was shocked too! I mean what is the point of working so hard to be able to go on vacation if you can't even enjoy it once you're there? Or if you are like me, you say "screw it" and let yourself enjoy your vacation with wild abandon then suffer terrible amounts of guilt and depression once you get home. I mean, really, was that ginormous cinnamon roll really worth the extra fat and calories? I guess you just gotta pick and chose. Like the really yummy sweet potato casserole I had at one restaurant was totally worth the fat and calories, plus I got the added vitamin A and fiber from the sweet potatoes. But the aforementioned cinnamon roll, not so much. No redeeming nutritional qualities whatsoever, and the worst part is - it wasn't even the best cinnamon roll I've ever had. Ah, you live and learn I guess.
So there you have it, sports fans. Your daily dose of sunshine without all of that pesky vitamin D and s#*t! Enjoy it. And tune in next time when I'll try not to be so damn chipper.


  1. I like 2 cinnamon rolls on one plate please

  2. anonymous, my ass! I know you anywhere, meow!

  3. Man I could go for a cinnamon bun right now! I tried the buying clothes that are smaller tip and it has worked for me. nothing like a little stomach fat coming over your belt to motivate you.