Sunday, July 4, 2010

And the Winner Is. . .

Today, as evidenced by the fireworks and hotdogs, is the fourth of July. Independence Day. Here at Fat Girl Slim I have decided to be independent from dieting. In honor of that I had a give away going on in which any new or current follower would be eligible for a Independence From Dieting prize package. This includes a Dance Off the Pounds DVD, a BPA free water bottle, a pedometer, and a few other goodies all designed to help foster a healthier lifestyle and not just fad dieting.
I'm excited to say that after a totally fair drawing* the winner is a new follower, Andrea McCleese! So Andrea, congratulations and welcome to the blog, invite your friends to follow, and feel free to comment. Look for your prize to be delivered before the end of the week.

*by totally fair I mean that my brother installed some sort of randomizing software on my computer and I don't really know how it works, but I put every ones name in and push a button and - ouila! Magic! I think I will start using it to decide what to have for dinner. Kind of like 21st century magic 8 ball.

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