Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sum, Sum, Summertime

Reasons why Summer rocks for the dieter

1. Fresh Vegis from the garden or farmers market.
2. Swimming is considered wonderful aerobic exercise.
3. Likewise walking on the sand gives you a rockin' ass.
4. When it's so hot outside who feels like eating anything heavy.
5. It's way better to feel tired from gardening/playing outside/ swimming with the kids than because you logged an hour on the treadmill.
6.When it's time to hydrate - Iced Tea on the deck.
7. Yes it's hot out, but it stay light until like 9:00, so take a walk in the evening.
8. Fishing build tri-ceps muscles.
9. Fish is totally good for you, and when you catch it yourself it's even more delicious.
10. A fake tan that actually looks good. Neutrogena Spray On Self Tanner. Even coverage, not arrange. Perfect for shorts that I can finally wear.

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