Sunday, July 19, 2009

Product of the Week (or until I find something I like better)

I have found the answer to my summertime ice cream cravings. Del Monte Fruit Chillers frozen fruit sorbet treat. You find them in the grocery store next to the canned fruit and applesauce and crap and they are seriously delicious.
They are little tubes of pureed fruit (2 flavors - strawberry and grape berry) that you put in your freezer and - Ouila! tasty summer frozen treat. They are even kind of good for you. The first ingredient is fruit puree and there is no artificial flavors or corn syrup. Each tube has only 55 calories, 0 fat, 25% of your daily vitamin C intake, and even a gram of fiber (every little bit counts they say. Each tube also counts for 1/2 serving of fruit. Heck for 55 calories you could eat two, have a full serving of fruit, and not feel like crap afterward. Hell, yeah!
OK, so they're not rich creamy full fat ice cream. But they're also not going to make your ass look like rich creamy full fat ice cream either. So go have and extra hard workout and enjoy one of these (or two if you're nasty) little jewels as a reward. Del Monte Fruit Chillers kick serious diet ass.

* for the record these are not strictly "clean eating" but like I said 80/20. And since these have no artificial flavors or sweeteners or corn syrup, I don't think the addition of a tiny amount of food grade dye is going to kill you.

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