Friday, August 7, 2009

Is this supposed to be inspirational, or something?

OK, I know this is completely ridiculous, but I have found something new to piss me off. To be fair, on the pissing me off scale this is relatively low and probably completely petty. But hey what are pissing me off scales for if not arbitrary absurdness?
So here it is. For the past two morning in a row I have entered my gym only to be greeted by dance mix versions of church hymns. No, don't adjust your screen, you read it right. Dance mix church music. Seriously? What the hell - to say the least.
Now, please before anyone gets all up in arms that I am against their religion - that is not what I am saying. Not here, anyways. I believe that all music, even gospel, has its place. Just not at the gym. I think even the most filled with the spirit, shall we say?, can see the logic of this. It's like fish tacos. Two things that just don't go, in my opinion.
When I go workout I like to here me some Black Eyed Peas, some Flo Rida, hell - even some damn Brittany Spears is better than this stuff. I'll freely admit it. I don't hate the post post breakdown Brittany stuff. In fact Womanizer and Circus are fairly excellent workout tunes. But how am I expected to work up a sweat to a tub-thumpin' version of Amazing Grace? The ridiculousness of it almost made me lose track of where I was in the circuit. That's the worst part of it. Not only is the God Rock awesomely inappropriate but it's downright distracting.
So while I may be over in the corner moaning "Oh, Jesus!" after any given workout, that should certainly not be taken as a request to the DJ.

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  1. That last sentence totally, totally cracked me up.

    I feel the same way about church music as I do about misogynistic rap tunes--keep 'em for your private playlists; not in public please.

    However swear words or sexually explicit stuff doesn't bother me at all!