Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Grades Are In

I got my report card (so to speak) on Friday. You know by now that I work out at Curves, a women's only gym, and I love it. I try to go about four times a week, though since school's been out it's been more like three. One of the things Curves does is a monthly Progress Report that helps you track . . . well, your progress.
So now I am about to be brutally honest and share my report with you. I debated with myself over doing this, but if I'm going to be honest then I'm going to be 100%. Besides it can't be as embarrassing as standing in front of millions of TV viewers in a sports bra and bike shorts like The Biggest Loser contestants, right?
Keep in mind that I started charting my progress when I got my Smart Card (another great Curves tool) which I got in the beginning of December so my starting weight and measurements on the report is actually a little bit lower than when I actually started 6 weeks prior to that. Honesty, right?
OK, we'll start with the weight 'cause that's what everyone wants to know, right? Starting weight 236.40. Weight on 6/12/09 217.7lbs for a total weight loss of 18.7lbs. (24lbs. since the very beginning - yeah me!) My BMI (which I think is just a tool that the government uses to keep women in their place) down from 39.3 to 36.2. Now for the body fat. Yuck. This is definitely the most embarrassing part. It started out at 44%. That, to me, is completely unacceptable. That's almost half my body weight as fat. Disgusting. It is now down to 42%. Not a lot, I know. But it's a start.
My measurements have gone down too. Bust -2", Waist -3", Abdomen -4.75", Hips -4", Thighs -2", Arm -1". That may not seem like a lot, but it adds up to a total of 16.75" lost. So all in all, I'm pretty pleased with myself. I know I've still got a long (LONG) way to go, but when I'm seeing results it motivates me to want to lose more.
So stay tuned. My next report is due July 10. I'm hoping to have lost another 5 - 8lbs. by then. But I also have a two week vacation coming up right in the middle of that, so we'll see.

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