Friday, May 22, 2009

Lies That Skinny People Will Tell You

* "Oh, I can just eat whatever I want and I never seem to gain any weight." Bull Shit. Unless if by 'whatever I want' you mean a pack of Marlboro's and a sugar free red bull.
* "Those Meringue Cookies are really quite good." No they're not. And everybody knows it. The only thing they have going for them is that they're fat free. And the reason they're fat free is because they are basically egg whites, a little bit of sugar, and whipped air. Who the hell wants to eat that?
* "Why in the world do you want to lose weight? You look fine." Come on. I know I'm not fine, you know I'm not fine. Let's cut the crap and just call a spade a spade. I'm fat and I could really use your support, not your patronizing. And if by telling me I look fine you are just trying to keep me in my place - well, then you are going to have to go. Sorry.
* "But you have such pretty eye/hair/toenails/whatever." Yes, I know that, but I want to have a healthy rockin' body too.
*"Once you get going the weight will just fall off." OK, I appreciate that you are trying to be supportive, but don't lie to me. I'm fat, not stupid. I know that losing weight is hard, but I'm stronger than that.

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  1. Too funny! Those are all so true too. Looks like you have a good blog going on so far. Keep at the weight loss!