Monday, August 30, 2010

Bittersweet - and not chocolate

So here it is. The BIG announcement (well in my head anyways). I thought that I would be really excited to share this with y'all - and I am - but I wasn't expecting to also be kind of sad.
See, I'm going to be taking a break from Fat Girl Slim for a while. I love writing here. I do. It's just that, well, lately there hasn't been much to write about in the weight loss - fitness world. At least as it pertains to me.
No, I haven't given up. Far from it. I still have about 30 more pounds to lose. Paradoxically, stepping away from the blog for a while has revved up my enthusiasm for the actual work of losing weight rather than the just talking about losing weight. Quite frankly I have been focusing too much on the latter and not enough on the former for way too long. So I'm back in the gym, back to pounding the pavement, and back to all around better eating. I just won't get to tell you about all the everyday details.
And now for the second, BETTER, part of the announcement. No I have not given up writing. How could I? I will now be writing for a new website/online magazine/blog called Bit of the Bluegrass. It's a brand new site devoted to showing the ups and downs of living in the Bluegrass State. Most publications are devoted to a, shall we say, somewhat older and more affluent populations of Kentuckians. That is not what Bit of the Bluegrass is about. It's about the everyday life of actually living your life here and the simple joys that can be found here. We're starting out small for now, but as interest grows I would like to add more features and even bring in some different points of view with some other writers.
So if you're even a tiny bit interested, go on over and check it out. There are several ways to follow and/or subscribe to the site. And hey, today's the launch date so maybe you'll be the first. I will definitely miss Fat Girl, but I am way excited to share the Bluegrass. Hope you join me!


  1. I was the first! Do I win some bourbon?

  2. Sure. Come on up. Always have bourbon on hand!