Friday, January 15, 2010

Woe is NOT Me!

Enough feeling sorry for myself. I had a little bit of a pitty party last night. Why can I not lose those four pesky pounds that are keeping me from being below 200 lbs.? There are lots of reasons why I may not be able to lose them, but I have decided not to be so concerned about those reasons. No, I'm not repressing anything. Nothing as Dr. Phil as that. I am simply deciding to focus on the solution rather than the problem.
So what is the solution?
The problem is four pounds. Four little measley pounds. Four pounds are not going to totally derail everything I've accomplished so far. I have a long term goal and a plan to reach it, but what I need now is a short term goal and a plan to reach that.
So here goes. Goal - to lose 4 pounds in two weeks. Plan - gym 4X/ week, 30 minutes heart pumping cardio everyday, 1200 calories/ day, 100+ oz. water/ day, two extra high-intensity classes at gym/ week.
You amy be saying that four pounds in two weeks would be a completely reasonable goal and anybody with even a tiny bit of sense ought to be able to accomplish. Well, true. But it would seem that over the past few weeks I have lost even the tiny bit bit of sense I had. Slowly it is coming back. Slowly, Oh, so slowly.
There it is. In writing. A plan. To follow. We'll see.

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